Charcoal dental floss with candelilla wax

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          • GetWhite activated charcoal dental floss is the perfect addition to your oral care routine.
          • Free of harmful chemicals and 100% vegan, our floss is made with the added benefits of activated bamboo charcoal, candelilla wax, peppermint oil and essential oils of myrrh.
          • 100% cotton thread containing no chemicals makes it a perfect natural alternative to a common dental floss.  
          • The result... a fresh exotic scent that wouldn't be out of place in a Morrocan day spa. Encased in a travel friendly capsule, regular use will prevent decay while providing an intense burst of freshness to your mouth at any time of day.


          • Regular flossing disturbs the accumulation of bad bacteria in between teeth that eventually calcify and turn into plaque. The regular removal of this build up prevents plaque from forming and also prevents gum disease.
          • GetWhite premium dental floss uses only natural and vegan ingredients to create a tough cotton string base that is then coated in activated bamboo charcoal (antibacterial and detoxifier), candelilla wax (natural plant based wax), coconut oil (antibacterial and moisturiser), essential oils of myrrh (reduces inflammation), clove (neatralises bad bacteria) and spearmint to provide an instant burst of freshness on your breath.
          • Convenient to use anywhere and anytime. Keep one in your bag and one in the home en-suite. Use before brushing and after eating meals
          • 100% natural and vegan, no harmful chemicals
          • Activated charcoal - detoxifies your mouth
          • Candelilla wax ensures smooth gliding
          • Peppermint oil - freshens breath
          • Essential oils of myrrh and coconut oil - soothe your gums
          • Wrap about 30cm around your middle fingers
          • Insert floss between teeth and gently work downwards
          • Clean both sides of the tooth and along the gum line, using a clean section every time

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