Activated charcoal teeth whitening strips

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  • GetWhite activated charcoal teeth whitening strips have been created with a unique dual action formula combining the teeth whitening power of activated charcoal powder and sodium bicarbonate to whiten your teeth quickly and safely. 
  • This extra strength teeth whitening formula works on a molecular level to remove most stubborn and deeply embedded stains from your enamel.
  • 100% natural and powerful combination of activated charcoal powder and sodium bicarbonate instantly removes years of stubborn stains and restores the natural white shine of your teeth in no time.
  • Use this product if you want to kick start your teeth whitening routine, want to tackle extra stubborn stains accumulated over the years. 
Activated charcoal teeth whitening strips 
  • Travel friendly design, 28 strips in a box.  
  • The unique hands free and no-slip-grip design keeps your teeth whitening strips in place allowing you to speak, shower and drink water while the strips work their magic.
  • We are 100% Australian and ship all orders from Sydney the next business day. FREE SHIPPING option will take 2-5 days delivery to most areas via Australian Post standard service.

How to use

  • Looking in a mirror, line up strip with edge of upper gum. Apply sticky side against teeth by applying gentle pressure and moulding strip to the teeth. Fold the remainder of the strip over teeth to keep in place. Repeat with lower strip.
  • Leave for 30 min. Remove both strips and dispose of safely. Rinse mouth with warm water, use your toothbrush to clean out any residue if required and smile

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